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  • Traffic Laws in Thailand 2021

    $4.99 Helping Hand
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    Either foreign resident or visitor, whether driving a car or motorbike with an International Driver License or learning the traffic rules for the Thai driver exam test or just using the road as a pedestrian, everyone should be more or less familiar with the traffic laws in Thailand.

    Thailand has one of the highest road death tolls in the world and the worst in Asia. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), each year more than 20,000 Thai people die in road crashes and many more are seriously injured and become permanently disabled. More than 80% of the road fatalities are motorcyclists and many accidents occur while driving under the influence of alcohol.

    A great number of internet forums inform about the specific dangers on Thai roads, give clear warnings what should be expected, avoided and known when using public roads and provide advice how to stay clear of dangerous situations and accidents.

    This road guide book gives an overview of the official road laws and regulations in Thailand. However, besides knowing those official directives, every road user from a foreign country should be very wary of the habitual and customary “road rules” exercised by Thai drivers that are also highlighted herein.

    There is the old saying among foreign residents in Thailand that “it is not the matter if you have an accident but when.” This is first and foremost true for those farangs driving motorbikes. BE WARNED AND PREPARED!

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  • The Wise King

    $6.99 Coleman, LaShunda
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    The Judah Collection is a set of books designed to meet the spiritual needs of children and youths who love adventure and are in search of biblical truths. Each book shares a life lesson that engages the reader with information to help them grow in life and in their relationship with God.

    Terry and LaShunda Coleman are a husband and wife team that have been serving in outreach ministry for over 30 years. They believe that Jesus has made salvation available to all people especially children and youth who have a hunger for God, and a desire to know Him. They also believe that children are gifted of God to draw others to His Kingdom.

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    Studying in India

    $4.00 $1.00 Chadchaidee, Thanapol
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    This book comes in the form of a short summary of my adventure in India from the day I first arrived until I graduated from the university there. Its content includes both informative and humourous stories that will make readers curious, perhaps even to the point of wanting to visit the country. Since the book was originally written in 2002, I have made numerous improvements to make it more relevant to the current situation of the world.

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    Essays on THAILAND

    $13.00 $8.00 Chadchaidee, Thanapol
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    This is a revised version of Essays on THAILAND. Included in the book are the most informative stories ever written by the Thai author, who has been doing academic writing for more than two decades. Even though any information can be easily found by a single click to several websites, they may not be reliable sources of learning since no one challenges their accuracy. The book’s content may look similar to the previous edition of Essays on Thailand because they are based on the same sources. But readers will find the previous edition is more comprehensive, while this one is both informative and entertaining by its easy style of presentation.
    Above all, this book can be used not only for further reference but also for enhancing general knowledge about Thailand, especially for foreign visitors who want to become acquainted with local customs and the Thai way of life. Since Thailand is one of the important ASEAN partners, information about this country is definitely important to people in the region and many parts of the world.

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    Love Online

    $5.00 $3.00 Chadchaidee, Thanapol
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    This book is intended to embolden Thai women to go ahead and take the brave step of communicating to farang (foreigner) for whom they have developed an affection or whom they hope will develop a fondness for them.

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    Learn Thai for Working and Living in Thailand

    $2.00 $1.00 Chadchaidee, Thanapol
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  • RojiNeko Nikki

    $4.99 Kimura, Rei
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  • Psycho – Pattaya Bar Girl

    $4.99$12.99 Jaggs, Peter
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    Set in the Early 1990’s at a time when many old hands consider Pattaya to have been at the very height of its infamous raunchiness, Psycho Pattaya Bargirl tells the tale of how it is possible for a beautiful young woman with brains to get away with just about anything she wants to.

    As well as providing a hellish and hilarious rollercoaster trip through the seediest night-streets of the city in bygone days, the horror and black humour that drip copiously from the blood-spattered pages also serve to send a much more subtle message to readers – besides simply causing the hair on the back of their necks to stand on end.

    Sometimes, that angelic, sexy stunner you just met in a go-go bar in Walking Street or sitting on a bench under a coconut tree along the Beach Road might not be all she seems.

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  • My 100 Day Goal Planner

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    Track Daily Habits & Set Goals

    Finally available……

    Track Daily Habits & Set Your Goals

    Never give up – everything is possible

    100 Days Journal

    – beautiful layout and format

    Improve your life.

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  • Wine Journal

    $9.99 Clever, Josh
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    A Log Book for Wine Fanatics

    It’s finally here

    ……a big format wine log book.

    8.5′ x 11′ with plenty of space for all your wine tastings.

    Space for 100 entries with one page per wine entry.

    Beautiful memories kept forever.

    Paperback or Hardcover.

    Check it out today!

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  • Thailand Cassie

    $4.99$14.99 Cameron, Leslie
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    For several years, Billy Ash has been a regular visitor to Thailand. At first, he wanted Kodi – but after the incident with that yellow-handled kitchen knife, he realised that Cassie was the safer option. She was special. She helped Billy rebuild Tiger Blue.
    A year has passed. Billy is back home in Glen Rowan; Cassie is running her hotel in Rambuttri. But now she wants to open a new hotel in Chiang Mai – and would like Billy Ash to come and share it with her.

    Although he’s fond of Cassie, Billy thinks she’s far too young and doesn’t see her in his future. But Cassie is interested in Billy – and if he won’t come to Thailand, then she will visit him in Scotland. Billy agrees; times and dates are arranged.
    Is there another woman in Billy’s life? Not really. Victoria (his former lover) is supposed to be in Australia – and after what Kodi did to Zakrovinsky, he never wants to see that Thai girl again.

    But while he waits for Cassie in Glasgow Airport, Billy is taken by surprise to see Victoria – who is on her way home from Canada. Is her unexpected return become his Chiang Mai get-out clause?

    Before Billy can decide which way to turn, he is hit by an even bigger nightmare. To buy her new hotel, Cassie needs to borrow money – and a Chinese financier is willing to help her. But the Chinese banker in a blurry cell-phone photo looks a lot like Kodi…

    Is she here to help? Or is she here to use Cassie’s hotel as a one-stop-shop to sell heroin in Chiang Mai?

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  • Not even God Could sink Titanic

    $4.99$14.99 Lindgren, Pia
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    The Titanic disaster is perhaps the most famous ship accident of all time. While the Titanic was a symbol of technological advancement, it also became a symbol of human supremacy and produced the superstition that is was unsinkable. The maiden voyage of the Titanic was for many emigrants a safe start to their dream of a new life in America, but the passage was far from safe.

    Interest in the Titanic has always been enormous, probably since she left no trace. It increased when the wreck was found in 1985 and the 1997 movie Titanic showed the ship’s downfall. For those who had relatives onboard, the movie became a source of sorrow.

    It was also one of the reasons that Pia Lindgren chose to research the Danbom family onboard the Titanic that fatal night in April 1912. Here she tells their family history.

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  • Συνεξέλιξη εντός – embrace our darkness together

    $20.00 Magkou-LaJiness, Eva
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  • Thai Ghost and Their Mysterious Power

    $4.99$13.99 Chadchaidee, Thanapol
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    We cannot deny the significance of ghosts in Asian societies, because they play an essential part in our lives on an almost daily basis. We must be careful not to offend them and try to appease them at all costs. Otherwise, serious repercussions will occur in our lives sooner or later. Many times, mysterious occurrences have been thought to be the result of their indignation.

    Stepping into a plane heading to Thailand, you will be protected by benevolent ghosts immediately and automatically. They have the responsibility to protect you and help you without request. Most importantly, they will drive away the malevolent ghosts who may cause inconveniences to you.

    In Thailand, ghosts have their own specific duties to protect you. For example, during travelling you have to depend on the ghosts of vehicles, or Mae Ya Narng, the household ghosts, and ghosts of the forest. You need pay no extra charge because their help is complimentary. So you should not be afraid of them, but don’t insult them. The friendly ghosts always welcome you to the land of smiles and the land of a hundred ghosts.

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  • cover-my-life-in-yellow-robe

    My Life in the Yellow Robe

    $4.99$13.99 Chadchaidee, Thanapol
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    “This was my first book in English, written while I was a novice at a temple in Bangkok in 1981. The monastic experiences taught me to have patience while struggling to survive at a time of crisis in life.”

    Though this book was written over three decades ago, the content remains interesting for those wishing to know about the Buddhist way of life, especially of monks and novices at that time.

    Even now some events remain relevant, so they will remain till the world ends. That is to say, the happiness and suffering of all beings on earth will exist in people’s minds forever. We will be free of this bondage only when we attain enlightenment (nibbana).

    I am not an expert on Buddhism, but I’d like to share my old stories with my English-speaking friends who may like to know about the country that was formerly known as Siam.

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  • How to Self-Publish

    $4.99$7.99 Clever, Josh
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    All You Need to Know

    Kindle, mobi, ePub? What does that all mean? Which file for which retailer and how to create those?

    What’s up with TOC? What is an ISBN and where to get one?

    What about editing and proofreading? How about the cover?

    Where can I sell my book? Who are the major online eBook retailers?

    Self-publishing is a daunting task but once you know the secrets, you are good to go to become the next bestselling author.

    ‘How to Self-Publish – All You Need to Knowexplains it all. Know everything there is to efficiently and easily self-publish your own e-book. This is the book I wish I had when I was in the early stages of my publishing journey. Now it’s your time to grab this opportunity and embark on your self-publishing success!

    Secrets explained by a publishing professional with more than 20 years experience with printed books and eBooks.

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  • Origin of the Tai People, Volume 8―Early Tai Kingdoms of the BC Period

    $7.49 Schliesinger, Joachim
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    Origin of the Tai People 8―Early Tai Kingdoms of the BC Period gives detailed information about the current academic knowledge of the various states that were established and governed by ethnic Tai people in the region of modern China, a long time before the first Han Chinese entered the area.
    Alone with the deciphering of the human DNA we are now in a position to know more precisely about our own biogenesis and about our migration routes within the territory of East Asia and mainland Southeast Asia.
    Today it is generally accepted that the populations inhabiting southern China and most parts of the eastern lands between the Yellow and Yangtze Rivers in the 2nd and 3rd millennia BC and before spoke languages that were not related to Chinese and the early principal states or kingdoms in this region were often conglomerations of distinct ethnic peoples under the leadership of a politically dominant ethnic group.
    This work is part of the discussion about the achievements of the Tai people in their ancient seats before the ethnic Han Chinese appeared in their various habitats in much later times of history and established their first Chinese Empire in 221 BC.
    The text is supported with plenty of images.

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    Learn Thai

    $5.00 $4.00 Chadchaidee, Thanapol
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    This is a short-cut to mastering Thai. With the help of this book, you will be able to communicate comfortably in Thai in the land of smiles. The chapters, covering all daily-life situations, proceed from basic structures to complicated conversations in various situations. It is the best tool to help the learner to speak Thai with confidence.

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    Mekong Dragon

    $0.99$14.99 Hurst, Frank
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    When the hunter becomes the hunted …

    When intelligence officer Mike Rawlin becomes the assassination target of an international drugs smuggler his world descends into chaos … In the much-anticipated final story of the Golden Triangle Trilogy, Frank Hurst provides another spell-binding trip into the world of international crime and the steamy jungles of South East Asia. Brimming with secrets, romance, rivalry and deception, this is an epic story in its own right.

    Praise for the Golden Triangle Trilogy.

    ‘Hurst’s writing is compelling, a drama of considerable suspense; akin to 007 with canny Ian Fleming style plot building intact. Hurst achieves a level of authenticity that armchair detective writers can’t hope to match.’ The Nation

    ‘Gripping, quality writing, truly enjoyable, fabulous, a delight to read, couldn’t put it down, bring on the movie.’ Amazon customers

    ‘A fast-paced page turner. Hurst’s writing shows a real inside knowledge of the drug business; nail biting, irresistible.’ Goodreads UK

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    Prominent Thai Political Thinkers

    $4.00 $2.00 Chadchaidee, Thanapol
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    The book will throw light on the question of who the Thai political thinkers are and what criteria have been used to judge them. Dr. Thanapol has selected to study the process of political change since 1932. He has made the case studies of:

    1. the late Dr. Pridi Banomyong,
    2. the late M.R. Kukrit Pramoj,
    3. the late Prof. Dr. Chai-Anan Samudavanija and
    4. former Prime Minister Chaun Leekpai.

    These are the key figures in this period. They have made decisive impact on the Thai political system in order to make it more democratic. Dr. Thanapol has explained their role in changing the nature of the Thai political process. His work is unique and original and perhaps the first of its kind in the academic fields of Thailand.

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