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The Story of Operation Barras

During the bloody civil war of Sierra Leone, the United Nations sent a peacekeeping force to try and stem the flow of blood from the vicious fighting between rebel factions and the civilian population.

Everyone old enough to carry a gun was a target, an enemy or a potential soldier for the rebels.

A particularly blood-thirst outfit, calling themselves the West Side Boys and modelling themselves on American rappers, operated out of the Occra Hills and had control of the surrounding area.

In September of 2000, the West Side Boys captured a British Army patrol and held them captive in one of their camps. Fearing for their lives, and possibly insulted by their actions, Prime Minister, Tony Blair, sent in the “Magic Dust” to make the problem go away. The SAS were tasked with rescuing the British hostages and then delivering a blow to the West Side Boys.

As far as Dean Reagan was concerned, this meant only one thing: kill every one of the rebel soldiers.