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The Ups and Downs Part Three continues on from where the story finished up, with the main character pondering over his future. How can anyone feel secure about living in a foreign country when visas have to be renewed on a yearly basis?
Also he is drawn towards a return to England where he can earn a fortune compared to his salary as a teacher in Bangkok. Disaster seems to follow him like the plague in this issue, with more Ups and Downs in store for him due to the monsoon rains. Toey, a friend of Yao’s opens a restaurant on Koh Samui, and her husband trusts a tourist too much. He soon regrets his mistake!Isaan is always full of surprises and he is amazed by a DIY Isaan funeral. Is Yao’s jealousy trying to trick him again?
Thank you for reading the first two books of this series and I hope that you enjoy this one.