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Volume 2
This book is not written to give you excuses for your failings but to inspire you to go on and succeed in spite of your past failures. The past has passed. It no longer has power over you. As long as the failure failed to kill you, never fail to rise again. Only trees and dead men keep lying were they were hit down.

Bouncing back is the inherent ability of the living. Gain an inspiration to rise again, never an excuse to stay down. Turn your defeat into a deafening feat. Ask Churchill, the moment when enemies and failures surround you and it seems you have kissed your last hope of success goodbye; that could be your finest moment.

This book is filled with such moments, moments when adversity turns advantage, advancing one to ones greatness and stardom. Moments when problems yield progress and past trials birth triumph. A man could still win a war after several losses in battles. Yes, you can still win at the end after your many temporary defeats. A man is only defeated when he quits as victory is always certain for the man who keeps fighting, relentlessly.

The truth is, history have shown that great failures are often the prerequisite for great success. There is no great success in life that has never seen failure. Even Jesus had to encounter various failures and heartaches en route becoming the name above all names.

Always remember, those who chickened out in the face of adversity live to work for and serve those who advanced despite theirs.