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A Short Stage Play Script

Invitation To The Barbecue is a stage play script written by Mark Reynolds. The play is set in the 1980s and revolves around six main characters.

Rupert: A forty something single professional man living at home with his mum.
Mother: Rupert’s interfering mother.
Penelope: Rupert’s friend from the university.
Lady Johnson: Penelope’s upper crust mother.
David Shelton: Cockney car salesman and long time admirer of Penelope.
Father Blenheim: Old parish vicar / family friend who knows everyone in the community.

Rupert is a single forty something year old accountant that lives at home with his domineering mother. One day out of the blue he receives an invitation from the mother of an old university female friend that he’d once known from the past. He is pressurized into attending the do in which he meets up with Dave Shelton – a working class east end boy that he’d brushed shoulders with many moons ago. The only thing they had in common was their past affections for Lady Johnson’s daughter Penelope. As they talk about the past Dave’s resentments for Rupert start to appear and Rupert is forced into disclosing his hidden secrets in front of everyone.