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‘Baked Beans & Somtam: the essential guide to teaching Thai students’ is a must-have for newbies and a recommended read for more experienced teachers. Although it is probably most helpful for those new to the profession, ‘old hands’ should also find it interesting and useful.

As the title suggests, most of the material is related specifically to understanding and teaching Thai students. That said, much of the content will be applicable across different cross-cultural contexts and so can be seen as useful to anyone teaching English Language Learners.

Written in a lively, upbeat and at times humorous manner as a reference book rather than a resource book, ‘Baked Beans & Somtam’ aims to fill an obvious gap between TESOL methodology and classroom practice in the Thai context. Reading this book will not magically transform anyone overnight into a master teacher. However, it will complement any formal teacher training in this area and will also equip readers with a set of ‘lenses’ through which they can see themselves, their students and the classroom experience more clearly. (And it’s totally FREE!)