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Soccer The Right Techniques 30 minute skills method is a proven technique that can help turn your child into top class soccer player anywhere in the world. Many students who have used these techniques have gone on to become professional players in some of the best leagues and collages in the world.  “Soccer the Right Technique” is about demonstrating and teaching the very basic skills used in soccer {football} to children who are just starting to learn.

It demonstrates the same style used by children in England and Europe to learn to perform specific basic moves and techniques, such as receiving and ball control, passing, shooting, heading, dribbling, turning, running with the ball under control, passing, and throwing the ball into play. You will find the instructional photographs and sketches showing various techniques in sequential order with easy to understand instructions on how to teach and perform only the very basic skills used in the game.

There are many other skills that young players can master; however in this book the skills taught are what young players need to master first then move on to the more complex skills and techniques. This skills book is simple enough that children can practice on their own. It is perfect for the inexperienced new coach, youth leader, P.E. teacher, mom dad or any one wanting to coach the basic soccer skills to their child or team and how to preform these skills with 100% accuracy.