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Tai Groups of Thailand – Profile of the Existing Groups sketches each of the 30 Tai-speaking groups residing in Thailand: the Thai people of central Thailand, the numerous Lao Isan people of northeastern Thailand, the well-known Lao, Lue, Yuan and Tai Yai of northern Thailand; it also describes the lesser known and smaller groups (Kaleung, Khorat Tai, Lao Ga, Lao Krang, Lao Lorn or Tai Dan, Lao N gaew, Lao Song, Lao Ti, Lao Wieng, Phuan, Phu Tai, Seak, Southern Thai, Tai Bueng, Tai Dam, Tai Gapong, Tai Khoen, Tai Mao, Tai Wang, Tai Ya, Tai Yong, Tai Yor, Tak Bai Thai, Yoy) which are distributed throughout the length and breadth of Thailand.

The groups are presented with their domestic history, costumes and crafts, design of houses and villages, activities in agriculture and economy, society and religion of each of the 30 individual Tai groups, supported by 115 color illustrations.