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This book is a magical collection of twenty five traditional nursery rhymes and chants, all of which are about the animals and birds of Thailand. Despite first impressions, many Thai nursery rhymes are not really nonsense verses at all, but have been recited to children by their parents and grandparents for hundreds of years, in order to teach them something about the creatures that share their world. Sadly, throughout the course of time, many of these ancient rhymes and chants seem to have become all but forgotten by the modern generation of Thai children and this book is an attempt to preserve them before they are lost forever, as well as introducing them to the children of other countries. Beautifully illustrated with vibrant pictures that give the reader as much of an insight into everyday Thai life as do the rhymes themselves, this book will captivate and delight children of all nationalities and ages, as well as providing them with a great deal of knowledge about the people of Thailand and the natural history of the country. As well as the pictures and text (the rhymes are reproduced in both English and phonetic Thai language) this book also contains a list of the meanings of many of the rhymes and chants included, which will enable parents in countries all over the world to teach a valuable lesson about a different culture to their children in a way in which is both informative and fun.

Peter Jaggs is from Essex in England and has spent the best part of the past twenty five years in Thailand since he was in his early twenties and has visited every province in the country. Peter has always believed that real work is a necessary evil and should only be undertaken when funds are required for the extended bouts of bar-hopping, fishing and hanging out on beaches he much prefers.However, he does enjoy writing about his beloved second home and has had articles, stories and poems published in several newspapers and magazines. Although Peter loves women – especially of the Thai variety – he is not married because he feels that a wife would be as much of a hindrance to his freedom and irresponsible lifestyle as a regular job. Besides this, no female on God’s earth could put up with him for any length of time apart from his mother.Peter is currently based between Devon, England and Pattaya City and spends an equal amount of time in each of his two homes with frequent excursions to other favourite venues in Asia. Peter also wrote the first ever book in the English language published on freshwater fishing in Thailand.