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It is 327 BC and Alexander the Great ventures into India. He fights Rajah Porus and his raging elephants and soon befriends a yogi named Calanus. Alexander also sends for his wife Roxanne, the Afghani princess, one of the world’s loveliest women. This novel of ancient India evokes war, romance, the quest for truth…
Tigers, snakes, monkeys, dark forests, monsoons and sacred rivers, raging elephants in chariot-led armies, walled cities, ornate temples, yogis and fakirs and Brahmins and the exotic panorama of India: this is what Alexander the Great and his army encountered. It was one of the earliest clashes of East and West. Although it was very destructive, cultural fusion and new ideas came about.
This historical novel features Philip and Olympias, Alexander’s companions, eunuchs, oracles, deserts, floods, philosophy, the underworld, and much more. The writer was inspired by accounts from Plutarch, Arrian, Strabo, various modern accounts, The Upanishads, The Bhagavad Gita, etc.