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Deadly Forgery:
Francesco Benetti is a desperate man who won’t give in even if face-to-face to certain circumstances. He must find the money to save his wife and pay off his gambling debts. The only way he can do that is to try and sell a fake Titian painting and get ten million dollars for it. An adventure that will take him from his Venice’s antique shop to the spectacular world of Japan, attracting the powerful Japanese mafia and the local authorities. An engaging game where his own life will ultimately be at stake.

A 100-Carat Diamond:
The great world’s financial crisis is ruining Francesco Benetti again. His investments in the Exchange are sinking and he must find a way to recover his losses. From Africa to India, among unscrupulous diamond dealers and Jihadists of al Qaeda seeking revenge for the killing of Osama bin Laden and when he comes across the Kidon, Israel’s secret service most lethal hit squad, he will bet his life for an extraordinary diamond.