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Louie doesn’t want to die alone or in a Nursing home.The paradise of Thailand appears to be a panacea!

The clock of life is ticking and waits for no man!

Louie is trying to delay the inevitable and the Disneyland milieu of Bangkok seems the place to live the dream!

Louie is sick physically and sick of his existence in America.

Louie is an aging Social Worker who has come to grips with his mortality. He will now decide how to deal with the inevitable.

Tom Moon Mullins fought crime in Jersey City, New Jersey, U.S.A., for twenty years, before retiring to the jungle of Thailand. Growing up on the tough streets of Jersey City prepared him for this job!Tom entered law enforcement in 1984 and became a Hudson County Sheriff’s Officer. Dealing and combating crime was not that difficult but dealing with the politics of the Jersey City Police Department, was a whole different kettle of fish! His first Social Work job was at Jersey Citys Patrick House which was a drug rehabilitation center. Afterwards, he moved on and worked at a number of different facilities, counseling individuals who had addictive personalities!Tom describes himself as a jack of all trades and master of none! He retired to Thailand six years ago and now teaches English.