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Journey the story of transformation of a Prostitute to Prophet.

The book is about three girls Julie, Natalia and Sussi from Pattaya, Thailand who wanted to be rich. Though the goal was same, their means were different. Each one met the man of their dream and went in a different direction.
Julie followed her heart, Natalia followed her mind and Sussi just let her go along with the stream.
After five years they met again and looked back the path they have tread. They realized that it is not only money that makes a man rich. It is not how much you have but how much you have given to the world. It is important to be successful in life but the real measure of success is not the money you have earned but the number of people whose faith and confidence you have earned. The greatest lesson they learned was that there is something higher in life to be achieved than just becoming rich and powerful.

The book takes you from lowest level to the highest, from sex to spirituality.