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Fraud is like sex : so much better if you take it slowly.
Corinne Bruckmann lives by fraud. She arrives on Gran Canaria with the Midnight painting that she claims to be a sequel to the Guernica masterpiece in Madrid. In her story, Picasso gave the canvas to her German grandfather, back in 1937.
Mike Forrest has been hired to find these answers:
(a) Is it really a Picasso?
(b) Is it really hers to sell?
(c) Is this another scam? – OR –
(d) Is she telling the truth?

Word of the Midnight Picasso spreads like wildfire. Dealers and criminals swarm to Gran Canaria, all with one idea: to own the priceless new Picasso – by either buying it, stealing it… or killing for it.
Mike Forrest is the ‘fall-guy’ in this hurricane of women, sex and violence… Many died at Guernica – and more will die before Mike can find the truth….