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Welman, Frans Category: Product ID: 2077


Oblivion in Progress is a deviously orchestrated thriller on a shift in world balance of power. Designed by covert operatives a high profile murder takes place which sends ripples through the world. But who designed it? And, who is the deployed assassin? What is the motivation behind killing an innocent person?
When the chase is one the operatives, secret agents, turn no stone to catch the culprits while the South of the words finds courage to stand up for its rights. The blueprint of the chain of events has been dropped for a purpose and leads the reader from London to Manila, from Kuala Lumpur to Bombay and Arusha in Tanzania to Buenos Aires, Lima and but also remote places of interest.
In Volume One the preparation and execution of the deed leads to destabilization of world order but with the purpose of shaping equality the actors responsible do not get away  with what they set in motion. Directing and organizing from the shadows they reveal and in the process change the perspectives of the reader.