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This novel is based upon the theory of Participatory democracy as envisioned by Professor Harlan Watt. His theory was so provocative and threatening to the American elite, Professor Harlan was murdered by his own government for being a national security risk. A close friend, novelist Jake Jacobs, promised his widow that he would take up the banner and promote Harlan’s theory of Participatory democracy in his novels. The President, the CIA and IMF have consolidated their resources in an attempt to stop the publication of Jake’s novel. When his publisher, Mr. Naak, suffered the loss of his beloved nephews who were attempting to establish a true democracy in Thailand; he promised his only remaining nephew that he would never rest until democracy was firmly established in ‘The Land of Smiles.’
Thailand has never been colonized by anyone…and won’t start now! With the help of the Prime Minister of Thailand, former Supreme Court justice Theodore Marsh, private detective Rick Olson, the negative forces of American influence would be confronted at every turn. But if Jake Jacob’s novel gets published, American style democracy as it exists today under the plutocracy would be in jeopardy. Thailand and America are on a collision course of their own making. Sides are chosen and played out to their final conclusion: a dynamic duel of major proportions right to the bitter end.