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Set in the English countryside of the Cotswolds Rupert Winstanley whose family owns Pennington Hall meets and becomes the best of friends with Richard Hillman at a prestigious Private School. Sir Rupert’s family have been benefactors of the school for over a hundred years and Rupert is automatically given a place whereas Richard Hillman who is a shopkeepers son wins a place at the school.

From the first day at school together the two boys share a friendship throughout their school life and on until after they leave to go to their respective universities. One to Oxford the other to Cambridge. Rupert is a tall good looking blonde haired man whose life is mapped out for him in the family business, while Richard is dark haired and rather shy around women with a fortune to seek.

During the latter part of their days at King James School Richard meets Anne Peters at the Hunt Ball to which he has been invited by Sir Jonathan Winstanley Rupert’s father. Rupert already has a girlfriend Penelope who is a friend of Anne’s. Richard falls hopelessly in love with Anne. Rupert and Richard are both selected for their respective Universities to play in the Varsity Match at Twickenham. After the game Rupert and Anne tell Richard they are now a couple. Although devastated by this news Richard accepts the situation and is best man at there wedding and later Godfather to their twin boys.

Rupert on the death of his father become Sir Rupert and head of family firm. Richard becomes a Member of Parliament and is knighted and later given a Peerage to become Lord Richard Hillman. In all this time he has been in love with Anne and kept silent.

Through a series of events Sir Rupert and Lord Richard who have remained friends for over thirty years find their lives reconnected but their social status reversed, Sir Rupert finds it difficult to adjust and keeps what his happening from his wife Anne. Anne thinks that Sir Rupert is having an affair and talks to Lord Richard about it who offers to help. The outcome reveals four people who have for over thirty years kept silent about their true love that in the end has tragic consequences.