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The theft of the century! The famous Blue Diamond Affair! The jewel heist by a Thai employee in a Saudi Arabian Prince’s palace continues to have shocking repercussions. The object of analysis and speculation since 1989, it led to murder and corruption, threatened diplomatic relations between the two countries, and remains a mystery to this day.

The Blue Diamond Affair is a thrilling tale of venality and greed that left a stunning amount of damage in its wake. Having pored over every detail of this complex intrigue, the author lays out the facts and draws new conclusions, with insights to relaunch the debate on what really happened.

To place the affair in its context and provide local color, this story is merged with one couple’s adventure: a story of love and betrayal in a country seething with corruption. The main character, a woman of ambition, both vulnerable and heroic, woes to fight the power of the Thai oligarchy.

This brings a universal human element and allows the author to delve into the shady world of bars and prostitution.