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Carraro, Filippo Giovanni Maria Category: Product ID: 2110


The Boom Boom Girl is the story of Lampù, a beautiful girl from a rural village of northern Thailand. Having lived through her first sexual experiences and having been raped by her own father, Lampù runs away from home and heads for Bangkok.
Like many girls who had just arrived in the big city, Lampù is forced to sell her body to earn her keep. As she is searching for clients in a red-light district she meets Pup, a girl who introduces her to the Suzie Wong, one of the most renowned clubs in Bangkok.
It is not long before Lampù becomes one of the most sought-after and highly paid prostitutes in the whole of Asia. One night in a discotheque she meets Mark, a German lad with whom she falls in love. After various vicissitudes, Lampù decides to leave Thailand and her job at the Suzie Wong in order to follow her boyfriend to Europe.
Once in Germany, however, Lampù finds she is unable to adapt to the dull German way of life, and she now longs to return to the parties, to the clients, to the nights of sex and to the clubs of her beloved Thailand.
Drawn from a true event, this novel tells in a pleasant and at times risqué tone the love story of many Thai girls, which ultimately, as with Lampù, finds expression in the discovery that love of freedom is the real love.