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A political thriller set in the ever-sensuous and treacherous post-Cold War Indochina
“What was supposed to be a j’accuse against powerful intelligence agencies supported by material evidence, I had to turn into a piece of fictional work. WWII ended in 1945 and the hunt for the last Nazis is rightly still going on. But why, as for Nazi Germany and many other countries, should it not be the same for Cambodia, where Khmer Rouge’s commanders and cadres committed igno- minious war crimes and genocide during their dictatorship which was brought to an end in 1979?
After all these years and more than $150 M spent by donor countries, the UN’s sponsored Khmer Rouge Tribunal in Phnom Penh is a farce and Cambodian victims of Pol Pot’s regime have been denied justice.I hope the theory I describe in this story deserves an independent international investigation.
The author is an Italian writer interested in South-East Asian affairs. In 1975, he witnessed the conquest of Cambodia by the Khmer Rouge.