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‘Outstanding, gripping, hugely entertaining, a wild ride. You will not be able to put this book down, looking forward to the sequel’ – Amazon customers

When MI6 offer to help Customs trap an international drugs smuggler all is not what it seems … In his long-awaited sequel to the acclaimed The Postmistress of Nong Khai, Frank Hurst takes us on an exhilarating and fascinating journey through the dangerous opium jungles of the Golden Triangle and the corridors of power in London where deception and conspiracy loom large at every turn.

‘Thrilling, vividly described. If you want to know how the war on drugs was actually conducted you can’t do better than read Frank Hurst.’ Bangkok Post

‘Hurst’s level of understanding and research is evident in his writing. His descriptive and scene setting is brilliant. A particular treat. Left us wanting more.’ Phuket News

‘Fans of detective fiction should love this.’ Goodreads UK