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An English graphic designer in Bangkok loves his lovely if prim wife, but he finds models at the photography studio he owns too much to resist. On the wife finding that her marriage is under threat, in an attempt to cure her husband’s habitual philandering she decides to be more ‘sexy’. Little did she know the effect it would have on her psyche.
An expat Pattaya estate agency manager married in the UK believing that his former beauty queen wife would serve his social aspirations. He combines his photography hobby with his penchant for ‘skirt-chasing’. The wife attempts to jump-start her flagging marriage by reviving her former modelling career and signs onto the model register of a Bangkok photography studio.
In a post-facto analysis of marital deceit and gender rivalry, each party involved relates the effect their partner’s infidelity and their own impacted the way they thought. A question raised is if Western precepts of morality create many of the very social ills they are supposed to avert.