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I entered the club to a blast of house music. A raised platform ran the length of the subterranean bar area. The three chrome poles spaced along its length gave freelance dancers an opportunity to recall their past days as professional pole swingers. The place was heaving, the music was pumping, and the dance platform was like a freak circus.
A  two hundred pound farang women, dressed black lycra, cavorted around one of the poles. Directly in front of us a Thai female dwarf was dry humping a prone farang tourist. God knows what he was thinking.’
Another night, another girl and another party in the City of Angels. In the second instalment of the LOS Diaries the author takes you on a journey into one of the most hedonistic cities on the planet.
This is the story of a resident expat’s adventures and night time exploits in the go-go bars, and night clubs of an Asian metropolis where the action never stops and you can party until you drop.
It is also a story of a life out of control and on the edge of acceptable moral integrity.  It is a story which will amuse as well as shock, a tale of a life lost and found in a town without pity.