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Matthews, Doyle Categories: , Product ID: 1966


It is 1980, and the security of the American Embassy in Bangkok is under threat – from one of its own…
Diplomat Axel Trink’s career is tainted with wrongdoings and an obsession with gaining revenge on his boss , Josephine Bateman, who years earlier took advantage of him to jump-start her own Foreign Service career. This obsession takes a deadly turn when Trink gets involved with local terrorists and gangsters.
His life and career are already at risk when he falls for a beautiful Thai terrorist and absconds with C-4 explosive and a cache of drugs intended to finance a coup d’état; all in the name of revenge .
Will Axel succeed with his revenge plot and flee to paradise or will his misdeeds come back to haunt him? Bangkok provides the ideal backdrop for the unraveling of a man who has sworn to protect the American flag — but who instead takes the deadly paths of deceit and wrongdoing.