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Denny, Mark, and Nicky were products of a country, brimming with possibilities but wrought with difficulties, struggling like many other countries to find its true identity and vision for the future. This characteristic is imbued in its products, its people.

As Denny, Mark, and Nicky were born, grow up, cope with life’s challenges and different sets of givens, they manage to find comfort in a bond that grows more compelling and yet complicated over time.

Although the story is completely fictional, it is based on documented and observed factual and historical events and places and tells of very real struggles experienced by a quaint society.

This is a story written by a young girl growing up and seeing the world in all its beauty and ugliness and then later revised by an old woman who had evolved her perspectives in life.

This is a story of friendship, which, through a remarkable set of extremely trying circumstances, and yet a very tenuous and mystical spirit, managed to sustain itself and wield a very powerful force.