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(sequel to Daughter of the Snake)

What’s it like to own a brothel? Not just any old come-and-screw-me-for-a-dollar bonking-barracks – but a genuine top-shelf rattle-alley, right in the heart of Bangkok’s Red Light district.
Who thought of it? Was it Brad? Was it Zakrov? Was it me? And how did it happen? Trust me, friends, it was never on my wish-list. But just as in the nursery rhyme, Tiger Blue fell off the wall and landed at my feet. And when it broke, it caused a whole stack of trouble.
But let’s go back to the beginning… and that tear-jerking text message from Kodi…
I so sad – I love you, Mr Billy… Shortly after midnight on that Monday morning, Kodi’s message buzzed my cell phone. I was on the ‘goodbye-Thailand’ side of Don Muang airport, waiting for the KLM to Schiphol. Kodi was history. I was going back to Victoria. (OK, she’s married, but her husband doesn’t seem to bother.) Life was heading back to normal. And then I read that irritating: I so sad – I love you, Mr Billy text message.
Jesus! Had she changed her mind already? Two nights ago, I’d pitched my proposal. I’d agreed to most of her demands – and Selena should not have been a problem. But after that red-haired witch had filled her head with stories of sun-kissed beaches and endless jugs of mango juice, Kodi decided that Australia would be a lot more exciting than Thailand.
And now this bloody I So Sad… It was total Bollocks with a capital B. If she’d told me sooner, I could have changed my going-home date, booked a morning with a monk and got on with the serious batting practice after lunch.
But then I had my Glory Hallelujah moment!
Think about it, Billy: an I so Sad… is like an I’m Available… So if she’s putting you back in the game, why not take another shot? From this, a flash of old-fashioned common sense: If you want her, book another flight… Get back and stake your claim…