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Wickham’s marriage had dissolved and so had his cushy job as a writer and academic at an Australian university. These two losses were irretrievable, but he was determined to recover title to the condominium that he had lost to a British crook in Phuket, Thailand.
At the urging of his friend, Steve, he went to Angeles in the Philippines, the so-called sex capital of the archipelago, to join the band of ex-pats, seen by locals and outsiders as ‘white trash’ drifting among the fleshpots of Asia. But there was a price to be paid. Wickham had to pen a feature story about the Yank, an American who had crossed the line and turned Angeles into a paedophile paradise. ‘Sin city’ was provocatively raunchy before but now, thanks to the Yank, it was criminally nauseating, and their expatriate lifestyle was under threat.
Set in Thailand, the Philippines and Australia this fast-paced novel is erotic, gripping and provocative. The book deliberately takes issue with the essentially negative stereotypes that surround Caucasians living in Asia and challenges the reader to do the same.