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A Collection of Short Stories

Peter loves his wife dearly, and does everything to make her happy, so why would he invent a story that his work is taking him to Bangkok for a couple of weeks? His wife Juliana follows him to try and discover why!

Bebito, a young boy from the interior of Bahia Brazil, becomes another Brazilian ‘‘street child’. He makes friends with Marcopolo who teaches him how to survive on the streets of Salvador. But why must he go home to repay his former employer, the rich landowner Snr. Calvacanti?

Reginald, a young man from a religious background, decides on a career at sea as a ships engineer. Life at sea, and the characters he lives and works with are not exactly what he expected.

The author’s description in ‘The Game of Golf’, where he and his Scottish friend play a typical weekly round together with a Japanese competitor and an elderly South African gentleman. The situations they encounter are humorous, but typical.

“Worlds Apart – a collection of short stories”, is Oliver’s sequel to his popular first novel “The Never Lonely Planet” which describes his travel experiences, and the places and people he met in many countries, all over the world. “Worlds Apart – a collection of short stories” is a collection of short stories written in his distinctive style. The stories are a fusion of fact with fiction, leaving the reader to guess which situations and characters are real, and which are not?