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This book is intended to embolden Thai women to go ahead and take the brave step of communicating to farang (foreigner) for whom they have developed an affection or whom they hope will develop a fondness for them.

Dr. Thanapol Chadchaidee has collected some words and sentences which will be efficacious in achieving those ends. The only warning to be given is that not every word, phrase, or sentence in this book is appropriate to every situation, and some care must be taken in choosing the right expression to hit the right target.

But the book will be purchased not only by Thai women. It will also be bought by farang men and given to their inamorata both as a gift and as a hint of what kind of communication the men would like to receive. In this way, Dr. Thanapol Chadchaidee is spreading the joy and goodness of love a little farther through this cruel, bleak world.