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The facts about Nicotinamide Riboside (NR)

This book is intended to be a layman’s guide to NR, or Nicotinamide Riboside, which is a very recent addition to the anti-aging arsenal! NR is present in all our living cells and promotes NAD+, which in turn fuels the mitochondria, or powerhouses, in every single cell in the body.  Tested mainly on mice so far as the nearest practical mammal to humans in this respect, tests have proved both exciting and positive and promise to slow down aging, help with cholesterol levels, aid hearing function and combat tinnitus.

Dr Christopher Hertzog is a well known medical researcher and member of the Institute of Anti-aging Medicine (IAAM). He is the author of several books and papers, including ‘Live Younger, Live Longer’ and ‘Beta Glucan – a 21st Century Miracle?‘ He has sponsored various health conferences in the U.S. and is a director of a company constructing a world class Clinic at Khaoyai in North central Thailand.

Dr. Christopher Hertzog graduated from Cambridge University, and is qualified in both Medicine and Law. He is a Director of Supercardiol Plc, and specializes in Anti-aging Medicine (AAM), based on the Chicago A4M model, as well as product-ledcancer and terminal cancer research. He is co-author of Rathbone’s ‘Fountain of Youth‘.He has promoted Anti-aging Conferences in Miami and Seattle, and presently conducts privately funded research into various therapies, which essentially do not exhibit adverse side-effects. These include Gerovital GH3, GH3 Cream, oral secretagogues and the latest range of anti-oxidants. He is raising funds to build clinics worldwide, which will embody these principles.