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The Ultimate Gift to Health
Laminine YTE (Young Tissue Extract) was first discovered by a Canadian doctor in 1929 and used on cancer patients until he died, just before his findings could be properly recognised. Forgotten about for nearly 50 years, a Norwegian egg expert, Dr Bjodne Eskelund, then developed and perfected a process for freeze drying a partially incubated fertilized avian egg embryo to produce an extract, which has resulted in spectacular effects on athletic performance, libido, reducing muscle fatigue and depression, and giving a heightened sense of well-being.

Dr Christopher Hertzog is a well known International Health Researcher, and author of such books as ‘Live Younger, Live Longer’; and books on such topics as ‘Beta Glucan‘ and ‘Nicotinamide Riboside‘, amongst others. He has sponsored various health conferences in the U.S. and is currently involved in the construction of a new medical Health Centre and Clinic at Khaoyai, in Northern central Thailand.

Dr. Christopher Hertzog graduated from Cambridge University, and is qualified in both Medicine and Law. He is a Director of Supercardiol Plc, and specializes in Anti-aging Medicine (AAM), based on the Chicago A4M model, as well as product-ledcancer and terminal cancer research. He is co-author of Rathbone’s ‘Fountain of Youth‘.He has promoted Anti-aging Conferences in Miami and Seattle, and presently conducts privately funded research into various therapies, which essentially do not exhibit adverse side-effects. These include Gerovital GH3, GH3 Cream, oral secretagogues and the latest range of anti-oxidants. He is raising funds to build clinics worldwide, which will embody these principles.