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A Guardian against Alzheimer’s and more!

This book is intended as a layman’s guide to the latest applications of Melatonin, rather than the well known uses to help with sleep patterns, Circadian rhythm and jet lag! The Pharmaceutical giants are unlikely to be interested in the latest research, as it would not be in their interests to produce it as it cannot be patented, because it has been in the public domain for too many years. It is also inexpensive to produce, so would not afford them adequate profit margins in any case! So it falls to health care practitioners, private clinics and forward thinking doctors, to offer the benefits Melatonin can bestow on patients and clientele, and monitor the higher dosages that might be recommended!

Dr. Christopher Hertzog is a well known medical researcher in the field of Anti-aging Medicine (AAM). He is the author of several books and papers relating to AAM, including such titles as ‘Live Younger, Live Longer‘, ‘Nicotinamide Riboside‘, ‘Beta Glucan – a 21st Century Miracle?‘, ‘Laminine YTE‘. The author has embarked on a crusade to get many products better known and accepted in the AAM field, particularly where they can be used preventatively and thus save money and suffering at a later stage in life! He has sponsored various health conferences in the U.S. and is now involved in the planning and construction of international healthcare clinics, with special emphasis on remedial and palliative care at The Sanctuary @Khaoyai in Thailand, and throughout South East Asia.

Dr. Christopher Hertzog graduated from Cambridge University, and is qualified in both Medicine and Law. He is a Director of Supercardiol Plc, and specializes in Anti-aging Medicine (AAM), based on the Chicago A4M model, as well as product-ledcancer and terminal cancer research. He is co-author of Rathbone’s ‘Fountain of Youth‘.He has promoted Anti-aging Conferences in Miami and Seattle, and presently conducts privately funded research into various therapies, which essentially do not exhibit adverse side-effects. These include Gerovital GH3, GH3 Cream, oral secretagogues and the latest range of anti-oxidants. He is raising funds to build clinics worldwide, which will embody these principles.