The Pattaya Phenomenon—Effects of the Vietnam War on the Development of Pattaya is a detailed evaluation about the process how a place located along Pattaya Bay could develop in a short period of time from a small, quiet fishing village with a pristine beach and crystal clear sea water into the sex metropolis of the planet.

Little real facts are known about the beginnings of Pattaya as a tourist destination and the transition from a small fishing community to a mega-sex city.

The most told legend is that Pattaya was the main R&R (rest and recuperation) center or destination for US warriors fighting the war in Vietnam, from where they were flown over to Thailand and flocked in crowds to Pattaya. This work will disprove the mythos and will determine the real facts that happened at the place during the Vietnam War period.

Thailand, however, was indeed a key strategic base of US activities in the region during the Vietnam War and the mythos of R&R US military culture had some important effects to tourism after 1975, and attributed to the boom in this business segment in Thailand in general and in Pattaya in particular.

Today, sex still sells and Pattaya has become one of the most visited cities in the world, with almost 10 million international and 8 million domestic visitors in 2018. Furthermore, Pattaya still is an unreal and fictitious place, a unique locality that could only evolve out of a specific social phenomenon that was caused by historic events, politics and behaviors of others.

This study will determine the facts and causes that influenced Pattaya’s progress and will throw some light on the interactions of interracial behaviors. The text is supported with plenty of illustrations.