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99 Thai-Ku poems about the funny strange place called Thailand
Farang in Thailand – Yes, You! This book is about your life, a life only you and your mates in Thailand understand. The Thailand expat life that has to be lived but you can’t quite explain why. These brief poems say what you feel. You must have this book for your life to be complete.

Whether you are a Westerner living in Thailand or observant visitor, the complete contrast to life in the West becomes apparent immediately after arriving and leaving the plane.

Then, after living in Thailand for some time, that which is foreign and strange can become familiar.

This interplay between the bizarre and the familiar makes living in Thailand an exciting, odd journey. A long-stay foreigner can become a philosopher, especially as the ice rattles in the empty glass in the waning hours of Happy Hour. The deep questions abound: where is home? Who are these people smiling at me? Why is there always chilie in my food? Why is there not enough chilie in my food? Nong! Where are the chilies, please?

So I took a step back and prescribed myself some more medical Sang Som and wrote these observations about Thai culture from the perspective of that guy rattling the ice in the glass and wondering where the chilies are. Nong! Where are the chilies, please?

Some of these vignettes are from real experiences; some are from my imagination. All encapsulate part of the hard to explain Thailand experience.