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A Story Set in Thailand

Outdoor Adventures is a story for children full of riddles and life lessons every child should be exposed to.

Follow the Lesters as they travel from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi Province in Thailand where they have a series of wonderful and educational adventures. Alice and Ethan, the family’s two young children, learn about the heroes buried at the War Cemetery, go rafting on the River Kwai, explore the Bridge on the River Kwai, and then go climbing at Erawan National Park and cool off in its amazing waterfall.

But the adventures don’t stop here as the Lesters continue their trip up the river in a canoe, build a huge bonfire at the tree hut camp, and go trekking the next day in the wild jungle. Even more excitement awaits them during their elephant ride which is followed by a slow train ride through the countryside.

V.M. Simandan is a Bangkok-based Romanian writer and education entrepreneur with an interest in reading literacy, language learning, and word travel. He has published in several genres, including children’s books, young adult literature, movie studies, non-fiction, short stories, and self-help. Visit his website at www.simandan.com.