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Remembering Milo

Say It With Poems is a lighthearted way of using poetry to perceive and feel what’s happening around us.

Section I – “All about life” has twenty-six poems that take you on a journey where you can identify with feelings of love, frustration, joy, and patriotism in uniquely Singaporean-style.

Section II – “All about cats” has seventeen poems depicting the struggle of cats around the Singapore island. This is told through the rescuers’ and fosterers’ relationship with them and their aspirations for them.

Section III – “Remembering Milo” includes seven poems dedicated to my beloved Milo who passed unexpectedly last year at the age of twelve. Is it a coincidence that my first poem, “SARS,” takes up the first page and my late Milo, who was rescued during that year, takes up the last page? I wonder…