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A sunset is not a sunset
Till it does not bleed
The word in me not a word
Till it is beaten in my wordsmith’s forge.

If writings do not make you think and ponder, they are mere words put together. If they have no power to stir up your soul, it proves you actually possess no soul. Hence, these poems speak from the backstreets to the high rise of a city cutting clean into your flesh, waking your soul from its dormant state. Some take you rambling into philosophy from a personal to a universal level. Dressed in powerful imagery the poems appear fresh and first time and make you ponder.

Some words on Bo D’Costa’s poems
This is what I call real poetry. Poetry of Walt Whitman, Pablo Neruda, Majaz, Mayakovsky, Sardar Jaffri and Faiz Ahmed Faiz. Late K. A. Abbas, Mirror on Who Am I

Bob D’Costa is a poet of many excellences. He is the Federico Lorca of India. Late Dr. Krishna Srinivas

Just like Bob Dylan, Bob D’Costa too can see through the mask of which we are all a part of struggling every day for a new brotherhood. Dr. Rosemary C. Wilkinson, Secretary General, World Academy of Arts and Culture, Washington.

Poet, novelist and educationist, he is a maverick who elopes with travel, honeymoons with fractured sunsets and sleeps with dusk but is married to words. Bob has inspired countless students in his teaching career, teaching them that happiness comes from a healthy body and mind. Many of his students hold eminent posts as medical doctors, army men, air pilots, DJs, business magnates, you name it. Most of them are constantly in touch with him even after his service in the teaching field. Since more than a decade he has been running his own teaching institute for English where he also gives talks on Happiness that can be achieved by living a simple life, minimum wants and living one day at a time. That is, living for the Now.
Giving poetry readings at gatherings at home and abroad he is also Associate Poetry Editor of Eastlit, a literary journal published from Thailand. Bob is the founding member of Asia Pacific Writers and Translators headquartered in Hong Kong and is a member of Foundation of SAARC Writers and Literature (FOSWAL), the SAARC Apex body.