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スティーブン・ウエストは華やかな人生とは無縁の男である。プラスチック成型工場に勤め、毎日有害な接着剤の臭いにむせ返りながら働く、学も無ければ野望も無い、平凡に生きる平凡以下の男である。そんな彼も人並みに幸福を求め、できる事なら愛情を勝ち得たいという願いを持っていた。タイの熱帯パラダイス、プーケット島での花売りとの出会いをきっかけに、彼の人生は想像を絶する急展開を迎える事になる。これは波乱と感動に満ちた冒険活劇であり、抱腹絶倒の喜劇であり、身も凍るような悲劇の物語でもある。  至福の時が悪夢に変わり、ロマンスが殺人事件にすり替わる時、彼のバカンスは暗雲に包まれるのであった・・・

Guy Lilburne has been a Policeman for 30 years and a Detective for the last 27 years. He has worked in CID, Murder Squads, Drugs Squad, Vice Squad, Special Enquiries, and various Crime Squads. He has also worked in a specialist Covert Unit and more recently in a Cold Case Review Squad.He has been writing for over twenty years. Author of the best selling books ‘My Thai Story’ (2010) and the Detective novel ‘The Thai Dragon’ (2010) Guy Lilburne spends his time between Thailand and the UK, where he is still a serving police Detective until 2012. His last blockbuster novel was ‘The Kiss of the Dragon’ (July 2011) another Murder/Detective story set in Thailand. It’s another outing for Ex D/Sgt Danny O’Brien.Guy Lilburne really captures a taste of Thailand and whisks you along at a breath taking pace in the land of smiles. The author’s latest offering is another Crime thriller, ‘Cocktails & Dreams’. The story of a dangerous serial killer targeting the sex workers, working the bar scene on the tropical holiday island of Phuket.Guy is currently working on three future books; The flower girl, is a crime thriller set in Thailand and My Thai story II, is the true story about the authors journey to find a new life in Thailand. A whispered promise, is the incredible and tragic story of a love triangle set in Southeast Asia.