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A Biblical Guide to a Better Christian Interpersonal Relations Got any idea how to get out of a tussel?  Everyone wishes for a perfect and conflict free relationship in the home, school, church or work place. There may be occasions in your life where relating with another person seems challenging. We all have the capacity to relate and love well, but how do we make it happen? With the help of Marvin Marcelino, who believes that using Biblically based perspectives can solve many interpersonal conflicts. This friendly-user book shares many wisdom on how to relate with one another. Provides practical steps to enhance definite interpersonal and intrapersonal relational skills in which will guide you polish your family members, friends, co-workers, and group-mates relations. One Anothering will help you foster an Agape-filled relationship, helping you find peace and joy in your home, work and personal life. Included inside are activities which assess one’s personal strengths and weaknesses. Guide questions to express personal insights. Prayer samples help focus on what to ask of God. Affirmation statements will assist to uphold the Godly principles. Lists of topics covered many aspects of interpersonal relations.