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How to step up your career and professional life

How to step up your career and professional life
The workplace is getting increasingly complicated, dynamic and competitive. Depending on technical skills and qualifications alone to succeed is no longer sufficient and can indeed lead to personal and professional stagnation.
So what does it take to step up, stand out and keep an edge?
In ‘Gears for Careers’, leadership, career and personal development expert, Vera Ng’oma addresses these quaetions and more with tips and advice how to:

  • Own your career and manage it effectively forwards
  • Evolve into a truly SMART and AMAZING professional
  • Manage a difficult boss with wisdom and graciousness
  • Become a colleague others would want on their team
  • Become more valuable, marketable and promotable
  • Develop stature, profile and respect in your workplace
  • Earn the confidence and trust of your superiors and peers
  • Increase your resilience, leadership and accountability

Vera Ng’oma shines the focus on the critical actions, key strategies and signature skills that will help you expand your horizons, stretch your potential, push the envelope and thrive in whatever work environment you find yourself.

Stop settling and start empowering yourself to achieve a more fulfilling professional life.

Vera Ama Ng’oma is a Leadership, Career and personal development expert with many years experience in front row roles in international development, education, news media and airline industries.

Whether working with millennials or coaching executives, Vera brings solid practical leadership insights, integrity and a down to earth approach that helps brings clarity on what will bring life changing impact for her clients.
When you work with Vera or read one of her books or articles, you get a strong sense of your own untapped capability and that via a combination of grounded self leadership, robust execution and an excellence philosophy you can drive your own success.
Through the Excellica Leadership group, she helps individuals and workplaces to achieve superior performance through developing excellence in leadership, personal development and an enriched corporate life.