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Either foreign resident or visitor, whether driving a car or motorbike with an International Driver License or learning the traffic rules for the Thai driver exam test or just using the road as a pedestrian, everyone should be more or less familiar with the traffic laws in Thailand.

Thailand has one of the highest road death tolls in the world and the worst in Asia. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), each year more than 20,000 Thai people die in road crashes and many more are seriously injured and become permanently disabled. More than 80% of the road fatalities are motorcyclists and many accidents occur while driving under the influence of alcohol.

A great number of internet forums inform about the specific dangers on Thai roads, give clear warnings what should be expected, avoided and known when using public roads and provide advice how to stay clear of dangerous situations and accidents.

This road guide book gives an overview of the official road laws and regulations in Thailand. However, besides knowing those official directives, every road user from a foreign country should be very wary of the habitual and customary “road rules” exercised by Thai drivers that are also highlighted herein.

There is the old saying among foreign residents in Thailand that “it is not the matter if you have an accident but when.” This is first and foremost true for those farangs driving motorbikes. BE WARNED AND PREPARED!