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A True Story from South East Asia

A True Story from Asia

250 Thai Girls by Age 25, A True Story from South East Asia is a true-to-life adventure that can be relived from beginning to end. The story begins with the allure of travel and the need for new experiences. Sex, drugs, alcohol and debauchery are the name of the game, and the impetus behind this historic modern day journey. Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Udon Thani, Cambodia, Laos, and the pristine Andaman beaches of Kho Lipe are featured in this bold and daring travel adventure.

The author narrowly escapes death at the hands of a knife wielding Cambodian mugger. He is violently robbed by a taxi driver in Bangkok. Held up by the Laos Police for running at a late night roadblock with a teen prostitute. And narrowly escapes a King Cobra in the jungles of Northern Thailand.

This non-fiction story is as up to date, authentic, and original as anything in its genre. The names, places, and people from this wild South East Asian sexcapade have not been altered in any way. This book has the potential to spark a new generation of hedonistic travelers looking to better understand themselves, and where to go to make that possible. Once you go Asian, you will never go Caucasian.

Join the author on his solo travels while he searches out every nook and cranny during his first year in South East Asia.