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Ferrett, Andrew Category: Product ID: 2024


As a foreigner arriving in Bangkok, finding suitable (and affordable) apartments can be a huge undertaking. The backpacker rooms available in every Soi seem cramped & squalid, and the large serviced condos seem pretentious and overpriced.
Good properties below 30,000 Baht per month just aren’t found easily. Owners find it unnecessary to advertise as there is a ready demand, and agents are more interested in the higher commissions.
This book is designed to give you access to most of the more interesting properties in this price range. Aimed primarily at rents from 8,000 Baht upwards, we have included some rooms as low as 3,000 Baht where we felt it worth mentioning. Every listing shows a photo of the property to give a real impression.
Thai advertising doesn’t conform to internationally recognized trade descriptions, and beautiful pictures of properties can bear little resemblance to the reality. ‘5 minutes walk to the BTS’ can be a grueling half hour down a narrow Soi, the beautiful photo of a condo with parkland in front is actually a petrol station, and ’24 hour security’ can be left to the local Soi dogs.
This guide features over 400 properties showing their address, phone numbers, price guide and approximate room sizes. We also give a personal opinion.