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Jaymes, Christopher Category: Product ID: 1997


Based on a true story surrounding the 2004 tsunami, we follow author Chris Jaymes as he accidentally exchanged his would-be vacation in for a six-week stint as an aid worker in one of the world’s most tragic disasters.
Upon arriving in Bangkok International Airport, he was informed that a tsunami had devastated the west coast of Thailand and that the only hotel still standing in the town he was headed to was the hotel holding his reservation.
Boxing Day is a satirical, yet astonishingly human commentary at the harsh realities of what actually goes on in a time where selflessness should flourish, but selfishness prevails. At times heart wrenching and other times laugh out loud funny, Jaymes leads us through an adventure of mental anguish while drug-infested degenerates and hallucinatory aid workers pull together in hopes of fulfilling their idealized dream of serving humanity.
Boxing Day will awaken the part of your spirit that longs for the day you have your own disaster to embrace. At the core of ensuing madness, Jaymes examines the fine art of deflecting self-banter and the innate fear of the unknown that most all of us harbor in the depths of our souls.